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Our planet has hope. Still decaying and barely inhabitable, but ours.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

For the rest, we ache for what they have. Bitterness and jealousy are my mates now. Until my commander sends me on a mission to rescue someone very important to his mate—her sister. A woman so different. So imperfect. So maddeningly defiant. Someone I have no interest in whatsoever.

This feral female will never own my heart. Or so I thought. Love always has a plan of its own.

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Now that had all changed. We would resist, we would make sure that we were rescued or that this ship would crash before it even touched the edge of their star systems. But my plans are complicated by one of their commanders who seems to be especially interested in me. He was impossibly tall, muscular, and was as arrogant as he was irresistable. Should we do that we would be allowed back into Rial. But as I descend into the lower decks and discover this human female cowering under her bed, my motivations come into question.

She was soft, lovely, yet entirely uncooperative. She was my mate. A year after their first kiss at the office Christmas party, Ro and Maggie are now a happy couple working and living together. Ann tried to love Rex.

Elite Operatives Series

Despite everything he did to her, the way he treated her. He blamed her for marrying their alien overlord. But Ann refused to believe that he could harbor this much spite and resentment. Surely, deep down, he was that same childhood sweetheart she once knew. Naturally, I assumed that my mind was playing tricks on me when I saw the strange figures standing over me.

All my life, romance has felt like something that was reserved for everyone but me.

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That is, until she meets Korin, a strange but beautiful alien being who makes her question everything she knows about the universe. I invaded her home. Then I saw her. So I conquered both. The Kraaj have no mercy. We kill all in our way. One woman does.

The Most Misunderstood Parable (Luke 10:30–37)

She tries to stand up for her kind, and so I just take her for myself. Train her. Turn her into my property. If I succeed, this human woman will be a perfect companion and weapon. If I fail, her fire will end up burning me alive. Aliens are real.

Demons are Forever

Diana Brooke knew this. In kind, she makes them pay for their thefts by tracking them across the planet and pilfering from them. Advance tech brought in good money after all. There are many slavers guarding their island base and human casualties will be high if he attempts a rescue by himself. Then he confronts a female human clad in mismatched alien warrior tech. She makes it clear she hates aliens, but is willing to put aside her prejudice to help him save her people. His nanotech makes him appear like a man but his real form is terrifying. Two planets will break in war and hate.

The dark and light clans are going to war, and only the true light has a chance to stop it. Aura, Maxx and everyone they love need to find a way to move on from the past and save the future they hope for. It is said the true light comes at a price. They take their responsibilities seriously, especially guarding the royal family, but their secret obsession with Princess Liandra could end up costing them everything. However, sometimes love is all it takes to change fate…Princess Liandra Dracor has loved the Mazer brothers for as long as she can remember.

They have been her protectors and confidants, though she longs to call them more. Duty demands she find mates with royal blood, but her heart already belongs to Braden, Jasyn, and Aeron. Now, she just has to find the courage to defy tradition and claim them as her own. And Earth is just the place to do it.

Arranged matings are the only way we can survive, and as king I must set an example.

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Ever since the territories were divided, Ryleigh has been a rebel: an activist against the current regime. But the research facility is not where she ends up. This has to be some kind of mistake. Anik is the crown prince of Zunator. He has conquered more than he has lost.

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  • But some fights cannot be won on the battlefield. A stubborn ailment has rendered more than half of the Zunatorian females unable to conceive. Now his people are in a race against time to save themselves. All male Zunatorians must breed. He will take a woman… more blurb on e book seller page….

    Yetu holds the memories for her people—water-dwelling descendants of pregnant African slave women thrown overboard by slave owners—who live idyllic lives in the deep. Their past, too traumatic to be remembered regularly, is forgotten by everyone, save one—the historian. This demanding role has been bestowed on Yetu. Yetu remembers for everyone, and the memories, painful and wonderful, traumatic and terrible and miraculous, are destroying her.

    And so, she flees to the surface, escaping the memories, the expectations, and the responsibilities—and discovers a world her people left behind long ago.