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Question about Philippians At which point were the disciples saved? Concerning the sermons on the law of love.

Conversion: The Gospel-way vs Law-way. Praying to God: with Thee or You? A question regarding Lord's Supper attendance. Is it common to tell the minister that you appreciated a sermon? What is a Biblical view of Fasting today? John the Baptist rebuking Herod.

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What does it mean to fear the Lord? Essential and Nonessential things in Conversion. Is everyone allowed to trust in God? Or saved people only? Can a couple get married in church if one is not a member? What is the point of doing good?

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Can someone be forbidden to attend Lord's Supper? Burial or Cremation. Unbiblical vs Biblical Parenting.

Ada Love (Author of Abortion V. God's Amazing Grace)

Immortality of the soul in the OT. Divorce and remarriage. Will there be recognition in heaven? The difference between knowing Jesus and accepting Jesus. Living sober as a Christian. Biblical guidance on makeup. How to profit from the Word of God. Women's head covering in the worship service. If someone is divorced, is it right for them to get re-married? The use of contraceptives for married couples with children.

Will everyone be converted who asks to be converted? Every human being inherits his physical features from his parents who inherited theirs from their own, all the way back to Adam and Eve, two real people. The genes we have just did not jump out of the ground or from the air one day and enter the bodies of human couples having children. They have always been there.


So you counter, Well how can two people have a "Black" baby and a "White" baby if they are the only two people, the first two? I answer, you are assuming they either had one or the other set of descriptive constructs, without any basis. In other words, the same way your parents may have several children.

Some have blue eyes, others brown or hazel or green. The same two parents. Genes mingle with and influence each other, some are more dominant at times than others, depending on other gene admixtures. This is why in a mixed "race" family, say White and American Indian, one child will have the pale skin of the Irish-Scott-French side, another the darker skin from the Indian side. It happens all the time, we all know those awful milkman jokes.

We ought not assume ethnic lineage from skin tone. We also know that in some families it is the very opposite. We all come from or know large families of say, ten children, where not only do the mom and dad look much alike, all of their offspring resemble them almost completely, so much so that the children, apart from age, appear as if double quintuplets. Now, for the sake of thought, imagine three such families, unrelated to one another by close generational degree, migrate to the state of Kansas, some small town where they are the only Catholic families.

Upon arriving they discover that they are the only Catholics in town and one another simultaneously. They have a natural affinity because of religious belief and family interests that are impacted by their Catholic faith. While not withdrawing from their other neighbors, as they are devout Catholics who practice love of neighbor, much of their social intercourse is among one another, simple human nature and common sense. There are no ulterior motives or malice towards another who is not Catholic.

Over time the children become adults and while some migrate to other locales, many of the second generation remain in that small town; they marry members of the other families and have large families of their own. Eventually the bishop sends a priest and they have their first parish church. Like minded Catholics arrive and that small town grows. Some of the families are of a different ethnic heritage, others almost like that of the original three.

There is again intermarriage. Depending on the strains of dominance of the gene pool the physical attributes of these Catholic families will either appear more alike than different or not. If the former, anthropologists in the future could be led to describe the people there as belonging to such and such a category and that town identified with it because these families have proliferated and are the majority eventually.

Now take this little parochial [no pun intended] example and apply it to whole regions of continents. I think you see what I am trying to convey. Well it was the same for Adam and Eve; we do not know anything about what they looked like, other than their nakedness after the First Sin, nor their sons and daughters. Perhaps the gene pool became more defined over time or Adam and Eve, if they could be seen now as they were then, would look like a combination.

Who knows, does it matter? Skin and eye color have the same properties, that is, they are the result of a mixture of genes or the absence of one confluence versus another. This is all there is to it. I stand by my declaration, that the race classification we go by is an artificial construct subject to change; in truth there is but one Race, the Human Race.

I use the term artificial not to imply that it is also arbitrary, for the classification of the peoples of the earth have some order and rationality, physical commonality. And there is nothing wrong in this, it is perfectly natural and in accord with human reason. It is the value we give to these commonalties that can become the problem, and usually doesunjust and unreasonable, per Dr. Sowell, supra. It is the imposition of disparate value and all the social arrangements based on this value that is artificial, simply because there is no basis in fact for doing so other than blind prejudice.

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  • Abortion, the Bible, and a Woman's Right to Choose!
  • April 29, I believe you when you repudiate the abhorrent beliefs your former pastor spewed out on his media jag. This man is filled with hate and bigotry unbecoming any man who professes belief in Jesus Christ. Are we to now believe that you no longer hold that: You are a Black man? Are you now saying you are no longer the Black Candidate? Will you now insist that if your heritage is alluded to it is now the Bi-Racial Candidate?

    When you were selected president of the Harvard Law Review, you said it was an achievement for a Black Man. But you are not Black, sir, you are part White and Cherokee.

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    Why was not your achievement that of a White and Cherokee Man, too. Are you still Afro centered? Or are you now American centered and only that? Do you still think that: The heartland of America, its people and culture are "the dab-smack, land-locked center of the country, a place where decency and endurance and the pioneer spirit were joined at the hip with conformity and suspicion and the potential for unblinking cruelty. If the latter, why write such bigoted screeds in the first place? When you wrote: of your friend Joyce who is telling you: " 'I'm not black, I'm multiracial.

    Her voice cracked, and I thought she was going to cry. They're the ones making me choose. They're the ones who are telling me that I can't be who I am That was the problem with people like Joyce And so forth, so many bigoted statements that give one pause and then some. I was appalled.

    Post-Abortive Mother on Forgiveness for Abortions

    This is why I was not surprised by Jeremiah Wright.