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However, like many a horsekid, she finds her way back to the horses. It take a horsekid to write a book like this. To be so unflinching about the ways humans use and abuse their horses, and to build a world around the minutiae of riding, training, breeding, horsekeeping. Glennys studies all the facets of horses and riding.

She learns to be a groom, a stablehand, a breeder, a master of horse. Glennys finds joy in a good part of her life. This is high up on my shortlist of books that get the horse-stuff right. The details of training, handling, veterinary care, feeding, and maintenance are spot on.

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So are the glimpses of the mind and psyche of the horse, even the way in which Glennys can become one. Judith Tarr is a lifelong horse person.

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She supports her habit by writing works of fantasy and science fiction as well as historical novels, many of which have been published as ebooks by Book View Cafe. Her most recent short novel, Dragons in the Earth , features a herd of magical horses, and her space opera, Forgotten Suns , features both terrestrial horses and an alien horselike species and space whales! She lives near Tucson, Arizona with a herd of Lipizzans, a clowder of cats, and a blue-eyed dog. Receive notification by email when a new comment is added.

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Was this intentional? Did you want readers to come away from the book knowing about the dynamics between a horse and a person? JS: One of the things that the father and Uncle Luke epitomized was that a horse was mechanical. If you said back in the s that a horse had thoughts or could be like a person, people would just laugh at you. When I was a child, my parents bought me the World Book Encyclopedia set.

58 Interesting Children's Books About Horses

Pigs were at the top. What I want to do throughout the whole series was to have Abby see the horses as individuals and not machines and that the world they live in is interesting and the way they see the world is interesting. In writing the book, I asked them to do what Tom would have done. They were able to help me by telling me certain lessons I should write about. I found it impressive that Abby has a lot of work to do every day and she seems to do her work without any fuss. JS: She does!

I set the book in the s because things have changed a bit. Maybe they would, but I felt like this was normal for a child back then. Have you ever had a horse like Ornery George? How did you deal with him? JS: Yes, and I did not deal with it very well. I worked with him for four years. It was like living with a man who had an abusive childhood. He loves you and was attentive to you, but there is always the moment when he could betray you because he has to protect himself. A horse can have a bad childhood, but fortunately their childhoods are much shorter than ours.

Do you plan on writing any more books for younger readers? Any ideas about what you might like to write about?

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    Mari Kanstad Johnsen and Helge Torvund. He leased our field for those nine years. I had a go with her having not grown up with horses although my mother did riding in Hyde Park as well as Central Park as a child. I would just go down and sit in the field on a rock with her looking at me constantly with one eye.

    I sang the same song every time I went in there. She was terrified of being in a new place and would not come when called bucking and whinnying constantly. After about a month she walked toward me and allowed me to pat her and backed her end up so I could scratch her in the same manner as you described. From then on it was a slow advancement to win her over but in the end I was able to groom her and walk under her neck to get to the other side.

    I fed her and was able to get her halter on and off easily. We became fast friends and would come when I whistled and we had hours of pure contentment. The owner never had the same relationship as we had and that must have been because it was a man who mistreated her. Amazingly Bonita knew the difference between men and women handlers.

    I miss her every day. Fondly, Diana Squibb South Florida. Dear Lady Carnarvon, From riding lessons as a girl to collecting Breyer horse models, I agree that horses are the stuff of dreams. Many in my family are car enthusiasts but I prefer four- legged horsepower, and the smell of the barn over exhaust fumes!!

    Have a wonderful week. Best regards, Charlotte Merriam Cole. I think that goes for girls too. I came to horse back riding rather late, but it is something I find so exciting, thrilling and calming all at the same time. Good Morning!