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Suggest Edits. Cookbook offering gluten and wheat free recipes that are also plant-based and free from all dairy and eggs. Many of the recipes are free from refined sugars as well making it possible to enjoy a little extra from time to time! Also included is a pantry checklist, a helpful dried bean cooking guide, a section on sprouting, and much more! See More.

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While the chicken braises in the oven, the kale gets nice and crispy, making it the most irresistible part of this cozy one-pot dinner. Take an hour out of your Sunday to make the shrimp stock for this recipe—yes, it's really worth it—and use it to make a deeply flavorful seafood risotto. Bursting with jammy cherry tomatoes that make their own sauce, this rice noodle—and—chili oil riff on the classic Italian pasta takes just 20 minutes to throw together. This prep-ahead dinner can be served layered in bowls or deconstructed for picky eaters with the ginger, scallions, and cilantro sauce on the side.

A mixture of ground almonds and cornmeal takes the place of traditional breadcrumbs in these scallion- and mint-studded crab cakes. Bonus: stir in a little yogurt and that sauce becomes a dressing for the accompanying salad.

Gluten Free Vegan and Plant Based Cooking 12222,The Basics

Spiced with cinnamon, allspice, and cocoa powder, this warming bean and turkey chili pairs perfectly with the sweet fall flavor of roasted spaghetti squash in this naturally gluten-free dinner. Jarred marinated artichoke hearts get super-crispy and addictively delicious when roasted, making them the secret star of this simple sheet-pan dinner.

This super-easy recipe is a perfect canvas for punchy, crunchy toppers like toasted coconut and mustard seeds with turmeric oil and a zingy chutney. The dal is vegan but full of hearty protein thanks to the chickpeas, lentils, and coconut milk. Juicy ripe tomatoes and sweet summer corn perk up this fresh take on the old-school Southwestern casserole.

Bonus: it just happens to be gluten-free. Refreshingly cold noodles, Vietnamese-spiced pork meatballs, and an array of toppings like fried shallots and crushed peanuts ensure this make-ahead dinner is totally unforgettable. Clean out your pantry with this customizable one-pan dinner, seasoned with whatever spices you happen to have on hand. Firm, thick swordfish steaks can handle being cooked over medium-high heat like a steak.

An even higher temp chars the leeks so that they're smoky outside and sweet and juicy inside.

The secret to the deep orange flavor in this simple weeknight dinner is to sear halved oranges next to the steak as it cooks, and then squeeze the caramelized juice all over your plate before digging in. Call it "Pizza Chicken" and the whole family will love this fresh take on those classic Italian-American flavors in one-pan chicken dinner form.

Confessions of a Self-Taught Gluten-Free Cook

Turn store-bought rotisserie chicken or leftover turkey, if you still have some kicking around into a hearty soup in about half an hour. Fresh dill and lemon add a nice dose of brightness.

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Packed with cherry tomatoes and tender broccolini, this one-pan dinner has a nice buttery sauce. Serve it with some crusty bread for mopping.

For a super summery dinner, top supremely crunchy cutlets with a shaved zucchini salad studded with mint, cashews, and ricotta salata. In this Asian-inspired riff, the protein-rich savory pancake is made with a chickpea flour and coconut milk batter and studded with bacon, scallions, and turmeric-spiced shrimp. Looking for a special dinner for two? First, pan-sear one big steak to share. Then, while the steak rests, use the fat rendered behind in the skillet to sear smashed paprika-spiced potatoes to crispy, golden perfection.

If you have the time, season the chicken with salt the night before and chill uncovered so the skin will dry out a bit. Doing this helps the chicken take on a nice golden finish. Korean rice cakes can be found frozen or vacuum-packed at Asian markets. Store-bought curry pastes come in varying degrees of spiciness, even if their labels all say the same thing. Served chilled, this entire dish can be made a full day ahead, and will keep you calm, cool, and collected at your next dinner party. This crowd-pleasing surf-and-turf dinner features lots of fresh spring asparagus, making it just the thing for your Memorial Day cookout.

Set out a big pot of this Mexican pork and hominy stew, along with assorted toppings, for a no-stress, crowd-pleasing dinner party main. Blooming the ginger, turmeric, and black pepper in oil is essential for releasing their aromatic properties into the sauce. Flanken-style short ribs are an affordable, quick-cooking cut that benefit from a bittersweet, mustardy orange-marmalade marinade. Pair with hardy charred lettuces for a summer feast. Red wine and bitter lettuce give this low-maintenance risotto a punch of flavor and sophistication.

Top shallow bowls of hummus with crispy spiced beef and fresh tomato salad for an easy, protein-filled dinner. Roasting Italian sausages on a bed of sliced fennel and red onion is two kinds of genius: sausage drippings flavor the vegetables and you only have one pan to clean when dinner is done. How to pull off a weeknight roast chicken: set it over a bed of peppers laced with thyme and chiles for a two-for-one deal. Topped off with a simple raw corn salsa, these patties are a crowd-pleasing and low-maintenance summer dinner.

Roast halved sweet potatoes and spiced pork chops on one pan, then top with a lemony yogurt sauce, crispy radishes, and tart pomegranate seeds. We call this one a picnic dinner since everything can be eaten with your hands. For a quick round-up Mexican-style, we like to add some corn, salsa, avocado, hot sauce, bell pepper, and tomato. Another very convenient meal — if you can get your hands on some pre-cooked grains which we would suggest you almost always have in the fridge.

Combine your cold or even slightly warm grains with some leafy greens, chopped tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, apple, nuts or seeds, dried fruit, legumes of choice, maybe even steamed veggies. Store in your fridge for up to 3 days and eat whenever you feel like it! Examples for great concoctions include a warm millet salad , curried rice salad with black beans and mango , and an avocado quinoa salad. Get out your polenta or couscous, put it into a bowl and pour over hot water. Canned beans are also a nice add-on.

Or would you like to satisfy your sweet tooth? Chopped apple, pear, raisins and dates with cinnamon and some plant-based milk is delicious. Or go the berries and almond route, totally up to you! Everyone loves wraps! We like to stick with the starchy options for more energy and satiety. Another idea would be to go the Thai instead of the Mexican route here!

Top with spices and some lemon juice if you like. And if you want to switch things up a little bit, use nori sheets instead of flour tortillas. You can have it over precooked grains, too: see, you can use that stuff all the time! Definitely have some precooked grains in the house. If you come across a good deal on sweet potatoes, load up on them!