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The best thing about it was that it wasn't some sort Hey, Waitress! Alison Owings. And bless her sisterhood of overworked, underpaid, harassed and harried informants in their aprons, hairnets, and rubber-soled shoes. There are so many random words that only service industry know!

I love it! Great post!! Cut — when a server has been cut off from taking tables to do side work and finish the shift.

Alison Owings

Runner, tray runner, two hands two plates — someone to take food to a table. If we want them to start cooking something, we tell them to drop it.

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High-tops — taller tables, ours are with stools for seats. Spot-sweep — quickly sweeping up anything easily seen on the floor. Not a detailed sweep. How fun! MAY receive preferential treatment, or, the complete opposite…see redneck, perhaps related to, or expects…other times, an owners greatest asset. These customers typically are not concerned that they put you in the weeds.

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  8. The manager has to put that to:…. That super crunch french fry that stuck in the basket for 3 rounds. Often times a result of being in the weeds, and neglecting to run a card, or over-pouring at the bar.

    Dish Pig usually will not even touch. This is the rottenest of the rotten, the fly breeder, the absolute worst, where one thinks they may need some sort of decontamination treatment or perhaps a chemo session if even come within 5 feet of. That deserves a name. Meaning a server walking by the window could run food even if one of their hands were full because it was such a small carry….

    Tax it…. Tax it refers to taking and eating a small piece of food from a customers order, when it is in the window, before being delivered to the customer. Well noun - Containers filled with ice used in drinks doubling to cool the drinks used for the guns through heat transferring metal. Gun noun - A spray nozzle connected with a hose supplying coke, diet coke, tonic, soda, ginger ale etc.. Burn the Well Verb - To pour hot water into the well melting the ice in order to clean it. Usually done after accidentally breaking a glass over it.

    The Rail noun A metal rail in the Kitchen on the service line to slip in tickets that are or will be cooked to give the full kitchen view of the order. Always place in order of tickets received from left to right. To Rail- to move a new ticket the furthest left on the rail thus increasing its priority.

    Can be removed if the server feels his table would be willing to tip more. It seems to me some of your lingo quoted are the names of attributes in the tickets database, of which your tickets are merely the forms. To my experience, Gooseneck is another name for a sauce boat. Pls see the following for image. Thinking about it, I would have expected it to be a coffee pot used at by the wait-staff, or a sink faucet that — you guessed it, looks like a gooseneck —but nope, it is a sauce boat.

    Jacked: I term my kitchen uses for when a server takes a plate or side for their own table when it belonged to someone else. Only done with low cost items cakes, hash, etc or ones that get used often bacon and sausage in a breakfast joint. Single sell: a single order ticket. Usually only used when there are several bills and cooks are desperate to sell at least one even if it means selling out of order.

    The rail is white with bills. Working: When an order comes with something or to describe mods.

    Hey, Waitress: The USA from the Other Side of the Tray [Lingua Inglese] by Alison Owings

    Refers to 2 bacon and 2 sausage. Stacked — multiple tickets delivered to the kitchen all at once that usually put the kitchen in the weeds and get the server phased. To answer your question, my kitchen refers to that as shotgunning or, to shotgun. These are great terms to add to the list!

    Thank you Autumn! Our variation of the push 88 is 80 up. Used to call attention to the very attractive but sometimes used for the very unattractive as well. Snowed is like in the weeds. Is there any term for this in English? Not sure if that helps. Chef: Savannah, get me a sixth pan, heard? Just so the mates would know where you were, but not what you were doing.

    I apologize if somebody has already posted these.. Split: When upscale restaurants have separate lunch and dinner service, and the dining room is closed between them. Working half of the lunch and dinner service.

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    Such as 12pm-7pm.. Most of the time a server knows to check how hot a plate is especially ones that were dying [in the window] but when handed from bare hand to bare hand one expects it not to be hot. The surprise comes when they grab it. Par or Par Cook: When a very large party has made a reservation, they are sometimes only offered a few key items from the menu because of their size, almost like ckicken or fish at a wedding reception.

    Certain foods can be partly cooked beforehand and finished when the party arrives, saving time all around. Working: The opposite of all day, if the sous chef asks the grill cook how many filets he has, the working number is the amount on the grill or in the oven, actually cooking, all day means total. Staff Meal or Shift Meal: The big dinner or lunch made before the start of service for all restaurant staff. Mazel Tov! Three good ones: A can of steam, a left handed knife and stuffed peas.

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    Also worth noting.. A server will ask a cook for an item on the fly when they forgot to enter it on the ticket and need it immediately to sell their table. I merely wanted to give you a quick heads up! Aside from that, great website! Board — The place where you put the tickets. The Sampler — Used when a table orders one of everything. Neat-poured straight out of the bottle into guests glass. Usually used for scotch, whiskey, cognac, etc. Thanks for your input, Jeff! I used the term hammered all the time when I use to bar tend — great addition!

    Nya Nya is a new one — love it! Las Vegas baby: When something falls on the floor in the kitchen, gets wiped off and cooked. Table Hop: When a lazy servers takes orders from two or more tables then slams the kitchen with all the orders at once, appetizers and all.

    Alison Owings

    Single out: When the rail is full and a single top comes through get it done out of order. All hands on deck: When multiple tables are in the window dying graveyard everyone comes and get their food out of the window. Holding Tables: When the kitchen is in the weeds holding guests in the waiting room until the kitchen can catch up even if there are open tables. Used if a plate gets sent back for refire.

    I love them all! Used in restaurants that have a large window. END-OF-DAY- the closing procedures performed by Managers or Shift Leads that include processing credit cards, counting the money, printing sales reports, and making sure the restaurant is clean, everything is off, and locked up. We covered the plates for two reasons.

    I cannot remember what these covers are called. Some were metal and some were a fiberglass type of material. All had a hole in the top to make it easy to lift them off the plate.

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    Open menu count- the number of guests that still have their menus, and are waiting to order. Prio: short for priority order. It is an order that has been sent out, but was returned by the guest ie. Food cold, steak cooked incorrectly. You drop what you are doing, and you cook the prio.

    See a Problem?

    Typically, the manager will run a prio back to the table. Comps usually result. What does one call a really good return loyal customer? Anyone have a slang word describing this? Grat- to add gratuity the tip to a large group that is dining together.