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The matchless chronicler of Victorian Londoners observes everything from surprise pie-fillings to a balloon-ride over the city. One of the most famous Canterbury Tales casts a satirical eye over sex and marriage in the Medieval age. Glittering essays by the Renaissance master of the form, exploring contradictions in human thoughts and actions.

Demonic horrors and spirits dreamt up by the most exuberant, inventive prose writer of Elizabethan England. Horrifying tales of mystery, sickening madness and buried bodies by the master of the macabre. The fearless, pioneering Victorian female explorer describes dodging elephants and fighting off a leopard with a stool in Africa. Chekhov perfected the short story, as shown in these three moving miniature dramas of love, dread and lies. Dreamlike, poignant verse on passion, torment and resplendent landscapes from one of the first Romantic poets.

A ghostly child roams the Northumberland moors, while fairytale characters gather at a strange party, in these two Victorian gothic tales. An uproarious romp of one-upmanship and drunkenness from the nineteenth-century Russian comic genius. This horrifying, semi-autobiographical feminist story of imprisonment and madness scandalized nineteenth-century society.

Moving, sensual verses on nostalgia and desire by the masterful early twentieth-century Greek poet. From the great writer of turn-of-the-century New York, two devastating portraits of lonely widowhood and an unconventional marriage. The great First World War poet portrays first-hand the horror, devastation and futility of the trenches. Entertaining, frank and sharp-tongued letters between the great eighteenth-century composer and his mentor father.

Adventures of shipwreck, colossal beasts and fantastical islands from One Thousand and One Nights. Three witty tales featuring dandies, anarchists and a murderous prophecy in London high society. Composed by a slave in Greek antiquity, some of the most ancient, sharp-witted and mysterious stories ever told. The great propagandist for Tudor sea power depicts the voyages of the famed explorers who mapped the world. Drawn from German folklore, dark, fantastical fairy tales of wicked deeds, gruesome punishment and just rewards.

Ancient Greek myths from The Odyssey telling of battles with memory-destroying plants, cannibal giants and a beautiful enchantress. Vanity and creeping loneliness permeate these three short stories by the modern master of the form.

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These haunting accounts of rural Russia and its downtrodden inhabitants helped to abolish serfdom in Two disturbing stories of human conscience and conflicting desires by the pioneer of science fiction. Four medieval Hindu saints approach sex and death through riddle and enigma in this mystical, devotional poetry. Spellbinding short stories of man-eating squid, magicians and monstrous machines, from the father of science fiction.

Three chilling ghost stories tell of deadly premonitions, dreams intercepted and spectres bearing silent warnings. From the father of American literature, four sparkling comic tales of extraordinary animals and parables subverted. From the great visionary and radical genius of the Romantic age, transcendent verse on heaven and hell, innocence and experience. From the pioneer of horror fiction, this tale of a clergyman tormented by a demonic creature is one of the greatest Victorian ghost stories.

The searing autobiography of Olaudah Equiano — African slave, sailor and finally a free man — which fuelled the eighteenth-century abolitionist movement. In these two stories gentleman sleuth C. Auguste Dupin, the first fictional detective, investigates the death of a young girl and the grisly murders in the Rue Morgue.

This is the story of the women who changed the world, told through speeches, pamphlets, posters, newspaper articles and letters. On the same day, Snider killed himself. Police believe he raped Stratten and sexually abused her corpse as his last twisted obsession of the Playmate of Show Less. Snider was one of the creators of Chippe Show More.

The Boston Strangler. It is one of the most famous cases of serial murder in American history. Albert DeSalvo wanted fame more than anything. He finally found it by striking fear into women - young and old. Many of his victims were strangled to death by their own nylon stockings. During this time, no woman in Boston was safe and some even resorted to leaving the area out of fear for their safety. He was a face they knew, a face they trusted, and the last face they would ever see. He was the Boston Strangler.

He finally fou Thursday, November 14 AM. Saturday, November 16 PM. Pablo Escobar. He was a modern day Robin Hood, with a vicious bite.

Pablo Escobar dreamed of being a millionaire as a small child and with ruthlessness and determination, he killed his way to the top, becoming the Columbian Cartel Kingpin of the s. He turned Columbia into the murder capital of the world, and was responsible for around 4,, murders. His dark side unprecedented, Escobar also cared deeply for the impoverished conditions of his countrymen, taking care of the poor and less fortunate.

Because of his compassion towards them, when Escobar was eventually convicted his people defended him to the very end. Pablo Escobar dreamed of being a millionaire as a small child and with ruthlessne Sunday, November 17 AM.


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Load more. About Murder Made Me Famous Murder Made Me Famous is a fact-based crime documentary series that examines killers who gained public notoriety Jodi Arias, Scott Peterson, Ted Bundy when their crimes generated intense media coverage and made the killers household names. After struggling at Berkeley, he decided to live a survivalist lifestyle in a cabin in Montana and adopted an anti-government and anti-technology philosophy. His bombing campaign resulted in the death of three people and injured 23 more.

He would often send written manifestos on the problems of modern society and demand that they be printed in the paper. The Canadian serial killer, alongside her husband Paul Bernardo, drugged, raped and murdered three women, including her own younger sister. While the world watched in shock as her sentencing unfolded, Karla struck a deal claiming that she had been an unwilling accomplice to her husband and walked away a free woman in after only serving 12 years in prison.

In recent years, she was met with protesters trying to prevent her from working in a school. Test Your Knowledge: Charles Manson. The miraculous moment turned into murder when the teen suffocated the child, wrapping him in a plastic bag and discarding her baby in the trash. Drexler returned to the dance floor as if nothing happened, blaming the blood trail on her period. It's not until janitors discovered the deceased baby in the dumpster that Drexler was finally discovered for the killer she is. Without the possibility of parole on his life sentence, Hernandez ultimately saw no way out from it all and tragically took his own life in prison in For three weeks in , the streets of D.

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Two men, 17 year-old Malvo and 42 year-old Muhammad, were hunting random civilians in broad daylight with a rifle. The sniper attacks made national news and Americans became fearful that they could be next. After becoming a skilled marksman in the military, John Muhammad recruited the help of friend Lee Boyd Malvo, in , to shoot people from the trunk of his car.

They killed 17 people who were doing simple, everyday tasks such as pumping gas or leaving a store. After testifying against Muhammed, Malvo was given multiple life sentences and Muhammed was executed by lethal injection in August After suspects and thousands of pieces of evidence, it all came down to one man: Danny Rolling.

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Three years after five brutal and disturbing murders in Gainesville, Florida, Danny Rolling is called to trial. He is accused of several counts of murder, rape, and burglary. But before Rolling can step foot into his trial he unexpectedly pleads guilty to each charge. His motive for the crimes? Rolling was sentenced to death on each count and was later executed by lethal injection.

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Moments before his execution, he writes a statement in which he takes responsibility for another three murders in Shreveport, Louisiana. During all ten of his murders, Rader lived a normal working life and was an active member of his church until he was arrested in He is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences. An active member of his community, Gacy often dressed up as a clown to perform for charitable events and parties. After they were drunk, he would handcuff them claiming he wanted to demonstrate a trick from his clown routine.

After they were bound, he would viciously torture and sodomize them before ultimately strangling them to death. In May of , he was executed by lethal injection.

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Buddy Day uncovers new details on the Manson Family Murders. Check out this excerpt from Buddy's book and don't forget to get your own signed copy at newmansonbook.

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  4. REELZ fans even get Responsible for killing and dismembering 17 young men between and , Jeffrey Dahmer is arguably one of the most gruesome serial killers the world has ever seen. Mostly targeting African-American men at gay bars, Dahmer would lure his victims to his home and drug them before strangling them to death. He would then engage in sexual acts with their corpses and often keep their genitals or skills as souvenirs. The case is undoubtedly the most infamous murder-mystery in history.

    Jack the Ripper is the name given to the unidentified serial killer that murdered and mutilated five female prostitutes in London in Although various letters were sent to the press by the alleged killer, one with a human kidney, the case of the Ripper murders will possibly forever remain unsolved.

    With a total of 49 confirmed murders he confessed to 71 , Gary Ridgway, otherwise known as the Green River Killer, is one of the most prolific serial killer in American history. While married, Ridgway began murdering sex workers and children throughout the 's and 's. Strangling his victims and discarding their bodies around Seattle and the Washington Green River, Ridgway regularly returned to the corpses for intercourse.